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Patricia Monserrate


          Follower of Christ

                    Passionate Traveler

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Callie Leland, a bright and intelligent college-bound young woman, was excited to embark on the next chapter of her life, but when she accepted an invitation to a party on campus, her bright future was turned into utter darkness, changing her life forever.

Patricia Monserrate is a skilled evangelist and executive with intensive community outreach work. For three decades, she participated and led seminars, conferences, prayer breakfasts, retreats, and other speaking engagements locally and nationally.

Patricia’s passion, is to reach women who felt unloved, lost, hurt or depressed and emotionally drained. After leaving the corporate world, she felt the Lord pulling her ministry into another direction, writing books.

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She hopes her books will takes the readers into an adventure of the Christian faith, showing them how to be spiritually transferred in Christ, so joy and peace would follow in their lives. She prays that as people change, they will change others around them for Christ.

Evangelical work in Puerto Rico

Her favorite pastimes include enjoying a delicious seafood dinner with delectable dessert, traveling, and learning the history of old architecture. 

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Greece, Timeless!

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