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Hi and welcome to my website.

I'm Patricia Monserrate, the author of the new release book,

Blueprints of Shades. A Christian romance novel, with riveting dark secrets and twisted plots.

The book will keep you spell bound reading the many shades of blueprints in the lives of people.  All submissions will be eligible to receive a monthly newsletter of motivational or inspirational information.  You will get a chance to know my story and how this book was born.

Feel free to visit me at and my blog at

God bless you.

Contact Patricia

Pre-Publication  Celebration

Upcoming Book 2.jpg

Video/Photographer, Eric Marshall

Upcoming Book 5.jpg

    Blueprints of Shades

                         High School Friends -
                  A. Davenport & G. Goodwin 

Upcoming Book 4.jpg

   Family -A. Marshall & E. Alexander

Upcoming Book 3.jpg

Family -P. Jackon, R. Wiley, L. Wiley
                             & T. Cole

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