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"Over the years, I have purchased and read many inspirational books.  Some were by authors that I didn’t know, someone said. “Hey, you need to read this book” or I would see it in the bookstore, and it looked interesting. Well, this is an exciting time in my life to be able to witness the birth of my friend Patricia Monserrate’s 1st book. The anticipation is more than I can bear. You’re talking about a mother, wife, sister, true friend, motivational speaker, preacher, anointed woman of God, full of compassion, love, energy, and understanding who loves the Lord and people. So much I can say but as you read her book, you will hear more of her attributes through her story!"





"First I want to Thank God for allowing me to meet her daughter.

When I begin to share with her daughter she begin to talk about her

parents and invited me to meet them.

Once I met her Mother Patricia I knew I had met a woman of God.

A woman that loved her family and loved sharing and helping people.

She was such a blessing to me and my family by sharing love to my

family in the loss of my husband’s brother."




"Patricia Monserrate, your guidance, creativity, wisdom, and godly teaching has inspired, uplifted, and encouraged many people's lives.

Through all my years of knowing Patricia, I stand in awe watching her empower and connect with so many people as she ministered God’s words to wives, mothers, women, and children."  




"She been a very anointed woman of God, prayer warrior and a powerful speaker throughout the years, since I met her. She has always had love for the elderly mothers."


"Sister Patricia Monserrate is inspirational, motivating speaker. She always encourages, and empowering women of all ages spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I have grown more confident in myself spiritually during the message she speaks to us women. She always encouraging me to put God first in everything I do and read your Bible daily, it will keep you closer to God. Thank you Sis Patricia Monserrate for pouring the Love and prayers into me."




"Patricia Monserrate has been an example, an inspiration, and a teacher filled with Godly wisdom throughout my years of knowing her. She’s a dynamic speaker that has a heart to elevate mothers, sisters, wives, and all women in general through the ministering of God’s word."  



Patricia Monserrate has always been an inspiration to me. As a young girl growing up, I watched her to be the walking example of Proverbs 31 woman, industrious with her efforts and service at home and in church. Her husband and children are blessed to be call her wife and mother! She is a forward thinker, who isn’t afraid to get out of the box in her approach, something that left a huge impact on the youth she ministered to on a regular basis. Her passion for bringing others to Christ is evident in the ways she does things with intentionality and excellence.


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