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Spring Fever

Who doesn't like #Spring?

Spring is the occasion where I thoroughly clean my house from top to bottom. Every surface, and furniture inside and outside are wiped and dusted. My overstuffed closets, rooms, and garage are decluttered. Reluctantly, I throw away what is no longer needed or wanted. Granted there are times, I refused to let go clothes, that I haven't worn in five years or more. It’s my belief that one day, I will magically lose weight to fit once again into that gorgeous red dress. But if I'm honest, I need to let it go, so that someone else may have the pleasure of enjoying it.

Spring is all about new beginnings, transformations and starting fresh. When mother nature wakes up from her slumber, and showers us with her love and abundance, songbirds sing, butterflies are awakened from their cocoon, and flowers are blooming. Spring reawakens us, and our surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life. It's that moment, we should discard our old ways of thinking, drop our doubts, fears, and start anew.   

Spring teaches us, every year without fail, nature will start afresh with new leaves, new flowers, new energy, and a new life. It's a reminder that we can always start over as many times as needed. Change can truly be beneficial and beautiful.

Spring symbolizes hope, whereas it inspires us to believe in ourselves and our ability to make positive changes in our lives.

I came across a reading that culminate the true meaning of Spring: The ice is melting, the soil was cracking, like a spell breaking with tiny earthquakes everywhere. Up from the mud, songs came from frogs, up through cracks in the ground, came bright green shoots, out of the woods, came little sleepers waking from their long Winter sleep.

Allow Spring to be your guide, to eliminate the useless baggage that no longer serve your life’s goals. Press towards the mark of renewal, because God is all about making everything new.

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